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Voting - Essential for Democracy 1Voting is key for the health of democracy. Even though the Government and the Election commission try to do their best, there is apathy from the citizens.
Now the big question- Do you vote?  if not do you have a reason which can convince yourself?I have realized this very recently. did you realize that voting is important for the survival of democracy?

someone says you are sleeping.  Yes we all are sleeping. On the day of Voting , we all sleep, enjoy our holiday and kep cribbing for the rest of the five years.
We must realize at least now to shape the future of our country.
We as a country shall know this by nature. we do vote based on our caste, money etc. Even though this is not explicitly said, the parties openly accuse of each other of spending money for votes. This has reached heights recently.
There are news items on issuing coupons for purchase of electronic goods, cash, saris, tiffin boxes with cash. Even this is being discussed in the assemblies now.
this is really shameful situation and we all must correct it.

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Originally posted 2009-01-31 08:49:00.