Ingredients:Wheat flour-1/4 kg
Green chillies-8-10
Garam masala-1table spoon
Cauliflower -little
Oil-6 table spoons
Salt-to taste
Method:Mix the dough as that of aloo parotas.
Grate,cabbage,cauliflower,carrot,chop onions.Keep potatoes and finely cut beans in the pressure cooker remove and drain water completely smash the potatoes ,squeeze out water from the beans and smash them they must be dry.
In a pan take oil add 1 table spoon of cumin seeds to it when they splutter add cabbage and cauliflower fry for 3 minutes add onions cook them till soft add all the remaining ingredients to it fry for a while ,remove from fire and add smashed potatoes ,beans mix the mixture well prepare small balls out of the mixture and use as stuffing for the delicious parotas.
Variation:You can use ginger garlic paste while using onions for the stuff.These parotas will be very healthier as we use all the vegetables for it and nutritious especially for children.Some 50 gm of grated paneer can be added to the stuffing for variation in taste.