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Ingredients  Required:

cumin seeds-10gms


coriander seeds –100gms

dry chilli-15gms

sesame seeds-25gms

turmeric powder-1spoon



tamarind 1/4kg

ground nut oil-150gms

curry leaf –a little


fenugreek seeds-1spoon

cinnamon bark-1pinch

copra- 1/2


oil -1/4 kg

ground nut –50gms

method of preparation:

Squeeze the tamarind and take thick juice hen roast pepper,coriander,dry chilli,sesame seeds,cumin seeds,mustard,cinnamon bark,fenugreek seeds well.Roasted sesame seeds copra to be pounded to half-half.Heat the oil ,add mustard,curry leaf ,4red chillies,and season the same.After adding tamarind juice boil the same well.After boiling it add salt ,jaggery mixture and boil the same again.Then add the roasted groundnuts and turn it well with the help of a flat ladle.Add some oil to gojju.This gojju will last for 8to10 days.

Iyengars are experts in making puliyogare.

Originally posted 2011-04-28 10:10:00.