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An era ends: Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011)On 24th Apr 2011, the world lost a Great Saint who preached love. He may have done some godly works to  be called as a godman. Is he really one? . He Himself proclaimed that he is a human being. keeping this aside, he has made things happen. Be it Water to chennai, Drinking water to 160 Villages in Mahabubnagar District, Educare, Health Care, Adoption of Villages Every where he has his mark on it.
There were controversies surrounding him. he stood tall after all that. be it the challenge by the so called science, child abuse issues, Sexual harassment all these issues did not bog him down in his endeavor to serve mankind.
His Single point of preaching is love. He even loved those who tried to kill him.
Born as Satya Narayana Raju in the village Putttaparthi in 1926 and ended his journey on this earth in 2011. He was an era on to himself.
I hope the trustees or the Government or any one in charge of this trust now continues the great works started by Him.
The education in his institutions is free and for all
The Health Care in the Super Specialty Hospital is free and for all.
I don’t believe him to be a God or A Godman. But I respect him as a super human who could achieve all those things what he has done to mankind.
May his sole rest in peace.

Originally posted 2011-04-25 02:33:00.

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  1. UB

    I'm personally not his follower. However, good to know that inspite of not believing him to be a God you still respect him. It's so disappointing to see people with hate comments and hate posts againts him.