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SRI SAMPATH VINAYAKA SWAMY TEMPLE – VISAKHAPATNAM 1The famed Sri Sampath Vinayaka swamy Temple in the busy Asilmetta area is among the most popular temples of Vizag. Scores of devotees believe that praying at the Sri Sampath Vinayaka Swamy Temple will bring them luck an
d remove all the obstacles on the path of success.
You will find a temple of Lord Vinayaka in every nook and corner of Vizag. This is done chiefly to ward off possible Vastu Dosha to the residents of the buildings.Especially the dosha related to Veedhi Soola ( When the building is facing directly to a road. This happens in ‘T’ junctions.) Lord Vinayaka is known as Lord of success in life and its accompaniments of good living, prosperity and peace. In all ceremonies, Vinayaka is first invoked to remove the obstacles and ensure success. Vinayaka is god of success and god of wealth.
The Legend of this Temple
Sri Sampath Vinayaka Swamy  Temple was constructed in 1962 in the premises of M/s S.G.SAMBANDAM & Co. in the Asilmetta area. The purpose was to offer a place of worship for the family members and staff and also to ward off possible VASTU DOSHA of the building. Soon the local fishermen started offering prayers at the temple. while taking their ‘catch’ to the market  They also started ‘DEEPARADHANA’ at this temple and started experiencing miracles in their lives.
5 years later when the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamy reconsecrated the shrine and placed the ‘GANAPATHY YANTRAM’ with his own hands. Since then the temple became popular with devotees increasing day by day.
During the 1971 INDO PAK war the then Admiral Krishnan of Eastern Naval Command broke 1001 Coconuts in the temple and prayed for warding off Pakistani attack on the City from the sea. Within a few days, a Pakistani Submarine Ghazi tried to attack the port city was destroyed and the city and the citizens were spared from death and destruction.
Popularity of the Temple
More than 2 million devotees visit the temple annually to seek the blessings of SRI SAMPATH VINAYAGAR. Many devotees experience miracles after praying at this temple and no wonder this temple. The temple is also immensely popular with New Vehicle Owners. Long queues of New Vehicles can be seen daily at the temple to invoke the blessings of the Lord and for VAHANA PUJA.
There are many other people who regularly visit the temple and experience miracles. Some puja’s are booked years in advance.
Even the VIPs prefer to pray along with ordinary devotees happily here. Though the pujas are conducted during specified hours, you can visit the temple any time to have the ‘darshan’ and seek SRI SAMPATH VINAGAYAR blessings.
Special Homams are performed during the VINAYAKA CHATURDHI, UGADI, SHIVARATRI and New Year festivals.. These events are hugely popular
How To Reach:
The temple is located within a walking distance from the RTC COMPLEX and just a couple of kilometers from the Railway Station. Though small in size, the temple has a special place in the hearts of people of vizag  and also the visitors.
The temple management is involved in many social activities.

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