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Ingredients Required:

sprouted horse gram: 2 cups

curd: 1 cup

grated cucumber: 1 cup

grated coconut: 1 cup

coriander leaf: 4 strings

curry leaf: 4 strings

black pepper powder: 1 spoon

lemon juice: 1 spoon

salt: according to your taste

Method of Preparation:

wash the horse gram well and filter the water and tie the horse gram in one white cloth and keep it for a day. next day the horse gram would have sprouted. soak the sprouted gram in curd for some time. after-wards add curry leaf, coriander leaf, salt, pepper powder. grated coconut and lemon juice duly mixing well.

in the same way bengal gram kosambari also be prepared.

Originally posted 2011-06-06 13:23:00.