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The Humble Jowar, which is a Millet has really huge benefits of Health and nutrition. The Jowar Roti is one of the oldest known food used by Humans. This is also called as Sorghum. It has abundant amount of Calcium, Iron minerals. It is a great source of Fiber and protein too. It contains anti oxidants such as polyphenolic compounds. It helps in weight loss and also reduce cardiac risk. Jowar Roti is also good food and easy make as well as digest too. Millet food is always preferred by our ancestors over the rice and Roti. Adding the whet floor will add to the softness of the Roti.


  1. Jowar flour- 2  cups
  2. Rice flour  – 1/2cup
  3. Roasted gram powder –  2 table spoon
  4. Wheat flour –2 table spoon
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Green chillies – 8-10
  7. Curry leaves
  8. Coriander leaves (finely Chopped)
  9. Any greens leafs-little (finely Chopped)
  10. Oil – 2 Tbsp
  11. Carrot (finely Greated)
  12. Oil-1/4 cup

Method of Preparation :

  1. Mix all the Ingredients ( flours, finely chopped ,green chilli paste , chopped green leafs salt thoroughly) and keep it aside for 10 Min and allow the water in the vegetables to be soaked.
  2. Add warm water to the mixture and knead the dough suitable to press with the hands.
  3. Press the roti on plastic coated paper using oil to the hands and the paper also to press Rolling Pin may not work perfectly. You can use the flour to dust the roti while rolling
  4. Roast on the pan or tawa in medium flame evenly both sides Like normal Roti.
  5. Serve hot with little ghee on the  top.


Be sure that for rice roti, jowar and ragi roti you mix the dough just before you prepare the roti else the dough leaves out water and will not be suitable for pressing.

Dot mix all the ingredients and water. mix without water and allow the water to be soaked by the flour.

Can be served with Chutney, Raitha or Pickle.