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Upma is a simple dish to make and very tasty too. The best part of Upma is that it is easy to make for larger servings and filling breakfast.This is the reason for which Upma becomes a  commonly served during functions. Also another advantage is that even if the estimates have gone wrong, the recovery is easy. You can make the shortfall good in few minutes. There can be different verities which the Upma can take by adding or changing some ingredients.
Bombay rawa-1 cup- (Sooji Rawa)
Green chillies-4-6 –chopped. (size of the pieces to be based on if you want to separate or eat it)
Salt to taste
Oil-5 table spoons
Cumin seeds-1 table spoon
Bengal gram dhal-1 table spoon
Black gram dhal-1 table spoon
Curry and coriander leaves.

Be sure that which cup you use for measuring rawa’s , vermicelli same cup must be used for measuring water also.
For upma’s you can use fresh green beans or corn seeds to the upma while using onions as a change.

Method of preparation :
Roast rawa in a table spoon of oil till it gets warm.
Cut onions into square shape.(or slice)
prepare Tadka – In a vessel take oil add mustard seeds to it when they splutter add Bengal and black gram dhal fry for a while.
Add green chillies, cumin seeds and onions fry till the onions turn transparent
Add 3 cups of water and allow the water to boil
When it reaches boiling point add the rawa slowly stirring continuously with out forming lumps.(this is important – avoid lumps)
Cook in low flame cook till the upma leaves the vessel edges
Add a table spoon of ghee to the upma and remove from the flame.

Serve hot with pickles and chilli roasted gram powder.