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Shahrukh Slams Baba Ramdev saying he should not go political. Accepted. But who says Baba is trying to be a political leader. he is working on a cause. His cause is simply unearth all the Balack Money.
Why is sharukh worried on the black money front and trying to divert the issue. what is the motive behind this?
A popular figure like sharukh should support Baba for the noble cause he is trying to highlight.
Press is trying to get cracks in the civil society. why this happens in India. Support Baba Ramdev.
The government is also worried. whY? what are the intention behind this.
Baba should not stop his initiative and go ahead till the governement shows some concrete steps taken to curb blackmoney.

Support Baba Ramdev. he is not trying to be a political leader. He is trying to help indians to get rid of the blackmoney.

Originally posted 2011-06-02 15:35:00.