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Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev announced that he will  undertake fast unto death from 4th June. Even though Ramdev has many supporters, there are people raising questions on the motive. The political class is trying to portray this as a political drama and trying to create rift between Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare.

If you look at the demands of Ramdev closely, These are supplement to what is proposed by Anna. Anna was demanding a Jan lokpal Bill with sweeping powers. For this there is a law to be enacted. But Ramdev on the other hand is demanding ratification of UN Convention against Corruption(UNAC) which does not need a bill. Just a government order will be enough. The ratifying of this treaty will  give the government access to the black money of Indians which is parked in foreign countries. An estimated one trillion dollars of black money is  stashed in foreign banks by Indians.The UNCAC is a legally binding international treaty that obliges countries to implement a range of anti-corruption measures.

Ramdev also demands that the Janlokpal bill should be in place by August 2011. he is right in saying that. There is no going back on the Jan lokpal bill even if it is not upheld by parliament of India as accepted by Anna. Ramdev is taking the hard line on this issue.

In this satyagraha against corruption Ramdev has invited Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Justice Santosh Hegde.

There are people saying that his intention is to join politics. Even if it is so, We must welcome it. One who is against corruption should be in politics. Our current political system is filled with Rajas, Kanimozhis. These should be replaced by Annas, Ramdevs, Bedis who are against corruption.

I have a to mention here that the rajas and Kanimozhis are the next generation politicians. Karunanidis and acthuthanandans will be leaving in some near future. But if these new Generation politicians will contribute to the corruption for the years to come.

back to my original subject, Ramdev should be supported as we supported Anna. the best thing happened is Anna also supported this initiative. The politicians say that this is Black mail. But this black mail is for good of common citizen. Don’t expect the Parliament filled with such current politicians to Pass a bill like Janlokpal without resistance. when it comes to their intrest there will be more than unanimity among the political class. The example is the increase in the salaries or perks of the members. This will be passed even without discussion.

support Anna –  Support Ramdev – support anyone who fights corruption

don’t look at motives. Look at the change it will bring to India.

Originally posted 2011-05-05 05:16:00.