Ingredients Required:

Rice                                1/2 Kg

Lemon                            4 nos

Dry chillies                     10 nos.

Coconut                         1/2

Mustard                         1 spoon

Beaten bengal gram      20gms

Beaten black gram         20gms

Salt                                 according to your taste

Cashew                          25 gms

Oil                                   for seasoning

Ground nut oil              50 gms

Curry leaf                      4 strings

Method of Preparation:

Pound grated coconut, dry chillies, mustard and salt in a grinding stone. Spread the boiled rice in a broad plate and leave it to cool. Keep oil in a frying pan and add mustard, and after mustard bursts add the pounded mixture to the frying pan. After keeping the frying pan down add lemon juice. Now mix altogether with the rice. Then add groundnut seeds along with cashew nuts.