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The Deputy mayor of Bangalore .has threatened the KSCA (Karnataka State Cricket Association) to Issue 450 Passes for IPL or they will raise the taxes. 

While raising the tax threat again, deputy mayor S Harish said on Friday though KSCA mops up huge revenue through advertisements, it only pays a pittance as tax to BBMP. “No such concession will be given anymore.”

You can read the full Story Here

He is on the right track. BBMP Shall raise the taxes even if IPL gives them free passes. if not this amounts to misuse of Office. The city needs a lot of funds for building infrastructure. If they stop raising taxes if they get the passes, citizens shall take up the case of bribery. There is enough evidence in the media for this case.

Imagine the Bribe being asked by these public servants.

Originally posted 2012-02-29 18:14:00.