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Rice-2 cups
Black gram dhal – 3/4th cup
Fenugreek seeds- 1 table spoon
Salt to taste
Cooking soda –1/2 tea spoon
Rice   flakes-1/2 cup
            Sock dhal , rice flakes, rice separately add fenugreek in rice, soak for 6-8 hours and do wet grinding allow the batter to ferment whole night.
            In the morning mix salt , soda powder and mix well pour a ladle full of batter over the Dosa tawa and spread up circular motion and pour a tea spoon of oil over it roast it both the sides and serve hot with potato curry and coconut chutney. You can pour thin Dosa’s or thick like bread Dosa‘s .You can even close a plate  immediately after pouring Dosa for roasting faster.