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You might be wondering How a man with a food blog. But as i say in the heading Nala Bheema are male only.
There is some thing ” Nala Bheema Pakam” . But there is nothing like “rambha-urvashi Pakam”. Traditionally males are better cooks than females.
When cooking is done by the men they keep their heart in it. May be it has something to do with doing it as a hobby.
For women, Cooking is a routine. Slowly they start loosing interest in making regular dishes. If they try some thing new, again it tastes good.

Having said that i am not trying to undermine or underscore the capability of a Female cook. There are some great cooks in and around me. However, even if they cook as a routine, it would not be so great.However, if there is recognition, they will certainly make a great day.

In fact, for me cooking is learnt as a hobby but i used to give tips to many newly weds as bachelor. But after few days, i used to learn new ways from the same people. I confirm cooking is an art and its never easy if you are not serious.

Originally posted 2009-03-02 11:51:00.