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Salt-to teast
Water-2 ½ cups
Kandi Pappu is very rich in protien.
Kandipappu is also called with different names in different indian languages
  • Bengali- Arhar dal
  • English – Red Gram/yellow lentils
  • Hindi -Arhar dal
  • Gujarati- Tuver Dal
  • Kannada- Togri Bele
  • Malayalam- Thvara Parippu
  • Marathi- Tur Dal
  • Tamil- Thuvaram Paruppu
  • Telugu – Kandi Pappu
1.       Take a pan dry fry to turdal with out oil
2.       Boil the dal in a cooker in with water
3.       Add salt and mash a dal with a spoon or glass
Mudda Pappu is ready
For a different taste tadka can be added. But the taste changes completely.
This is  good to eat with rice  add ghee while mixing with the rice for best taste.
Mudapapu is the stating dish with an Andhra meal avakaya is good side mix (nanju) this is also a good side dish kakarakaya pulusu, ullipaya pulusu, chinthakaya pulusu.
It is a very healthy food for the children. If they don’t like this taste add a little bit of curd and they really like it.

It can be had with Rasam also for a good taste.

Sequence in andhra brahmin eating style

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