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Ingredients:upma rawa-1 big cup
dry coconut-1/2 coconut
cumin seeds-1 table spoon
coriander seeds – 1 table spoon
cinnamon-1 inch
red chillies-6
oil-3 table spoon
ghee-3 table spoon
salt-to taste
Bengal gram dhal-1 table spoon
black gram dhal-1 table spoon
curry &coriander leaves
Method:Roast the rawa for 5 minutes with a table spoon of oil keep aside.
Cut all the vegetables into medium size.
Roast all the spices separately,roast even red chillies,dry coconut and powder finely in the mixie.
In a vessel take oil and ghee add mustard seeds to it when they splutter add black gram and  Bengal gram dhal when they turn light brown add carrot ,beans,potatoes,cook closing the lid for 2-3 minutes and add onions fry for 3 minutes and add tomatoes fry for a minute add the powdered masala fry for a while add salt and 3 cups of water squeeze lemon,while the water reaches boiling point,low the flame and stirring continuously add the rawa to the water keep on stirring later cook in low flame till the upma  starts leaving the vessel.Serve with chutney dhal  powder and pickles with coriander on the top .
For this upma you can add ginger paste 1 table spoon when you use onions while frying.
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