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Ingredients Required:

Mango fruits-2nos

Cumin seeds powder-1spoon


Coriander powder-1spoon

Chilli powder-1spoon

Green chiili –2

salt- as per your taste

mustard –1spoon

Curry leaf-2strings

oil-a little


Method of Preparation:

keep a vesel on the stove and put all the pieces of mango into it along with the  pieces of green chilli .Then boil this with some water for some time .Then after boiling for about 50percent remove from the vessel and grind it in a mixie or in a stone morter with out any water.Then put all the grinded mixture in a vessel with salt and jaggery.

After boiling well season it with ghee, roasting the mustard ,curry leaf, and asafoetida in a small vessel.The mango curry is now ready.

Originally posted 2011-05-02 07:15:00.