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Ingredients:Maida(all purpose flour)-1/4 kg
wheat flour-1/4 kg
cooking soda-2 pinches
ghee-4table spoon
oil-2table spoon
salt to taste
rice flour-1/4 cup
Method:Mix maida ,wheat flour ,2 table spoons of ghee ,2 table spoons oil,salt ,cookingsoda using water mix the dough tightly like poori dough allow to set for 4-5 hours.Mix 2 table spoons of ghee with 2 table spoons of flour and make paste.
            Later make even sized balls out of it roll the ball into poori size and apply the paste of rice flour roll it again and keep for half an hour later roll them using rice flour to knea into small parotas and roast on the tawa or pan using oil or ghee for frying ,serve hot with any curry.


Originally posted 2012-08-04 12:20:00.