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Recently Mr. Mohan Das Pai of Infosys, has openly said that honest people cannot do business in Bangalore.
The next day, the same sentence in a different words has been spelt by Senior Management of Wipro. He says ‘ it is easier to business in Neighboring Andhra Pradesh or Tamilnadu States.
These are not just statements. we see this on ground. Bangaloreans are being “Puneyed”. The Famous “Bangalored” word is now to be changed to ‘Puneyed”or “Hyderabaded”.
By next year Infosys will have its largest campus in Pune, with largest number of seats and office space.
The chief reason for this is lack of governance in Karnataka. Bangalore is Crippling under pathetic infrastructure, and also rampant corruption. Though this phenomenon is not limited to Bangalore, the effect is very large here. Infosys has been waiting for some land allotment so that they expand. If the Karnataka Government feels that they will wait endlessly till the time they allot to all their family members and the look into business needs, Infy will not wait.
There are other states who have completed all this, or they are quicker.
Red Carpets are waiting for the big Indian companies. Who ever is ready to invest, they are to be welcomed but not made to wait.

Bangalore is loosing jobs at a very fast pace. If the situation does not improve this will be a daily issue. Last week This happened with one of the BPO Major. They are asking their staff to shift to Hyderabad or Quit.
The internal Politics of Karnataka is showing its effect on business.

The Assembly functions only 15 days against the scheduled 2 months. BBMP does not know where is its money and goes for borrowing. Unless the elit of the city does not  wake up the city will die a slow death and the politicians will be looking at it only

Originally posted 2011-01-22 10:45:00.