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Road Safety is a subject widely discussed under various forums. Every time there is an accident, we remember safety. Are we as citizens contributing to that?.

Yesterday I saw a truck loaded with sand upto the maximum possible ( well above its walls) with no cover on the sand. The truck whizzed past me at around a speed of about 70 Kph. It must have crossed many police posts by then without questions. When it travels a very thin sand cloud is passing behind it. Isn’t it dangerous to the people passing behind it?.  We Don’t Ask Questions.

These are common incidents in here, that Dangerously overloaded vehicles, Vehicles with dangling hooks behind them is a common sight. They pass through various checks, and no one is interested on the safety of people.

The police do some checks, but they are interested in papers only. At times they look at the two wheelers only. If your vehicle has a valid insurance, valid pollution check certificate, and you should have a valid driving license. They do not check the big vehicles violating the rules, but they do not miss any small autowallah or a small two wheelers fellow. The major fines are collected for wrong parking, redlight overstepping or not having a PUC(Pollution under control) certificate or at the most insurance. The missing items are “dangerous driving”, Over speeding, overloHelmet-Life-saver-road-safetyading /dangerous loading.

Either there is no law in India which seriously deal with loading vehicles with dangerous items, like extended steel bars, flying sand, hanging stones etc. Even if there is one, no one implements it. We should have a law which penalize these type of loading to the vehicles. These laws must be made and implemented for better Road Safety

Two wheeler riders shall learn to wear a helmet for their safety rather than for the policewallah. A helmet is a real life saver

Originally posted 2009-03-17 15:59:00.