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Long long ago there was a man in Rana Ranjit singh’s empire.  He was enrolled with the royal forces as a sepoy and was detailed to guard the royal treasures.  But always he wants to do his best with what he had, and want to give the best to the crown.  He was so loyal to his duties.  And his only ambition was to go up in the ladder and become the senadhipathi for the princely state.  Because he took that DECISION he worked according to that and was promoted to the rank of Senadhipathi.  After few years Rana Ranjit singh invades the state of Jammu and Kashmir and captured it and made the Senadhipathi as its king and returned to the capital.  Because of the decision taken by a single human being, loooong ago, today Dr. Karan Singh is getting the Privy Purse for the J&K province and is living a royal life. This all was possible because his grand grand father took a decision to come up in his life.
The decision what you take NOW is more valuable than you ever dream of. It can change the fate, not only of you but of your family and for generations.  So take the right decision and START WORKING ON YOUR DECISION.  The moral of the story is before taking a DECISION you considers all the aspects by getting the complete information, but when you take one decision, then stick to it and act on it to MAKE IT RIGHT.  Don’t allow anybody to steal your dream.
Go big and show to the world what you are, from inside, what are the things you can do, to make this earth a better place to live.  Don’t let the negative people let your capabilities down so that you can stay with them for life.

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Originally posted 2009-02-25 03:06:00.