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Unsolicited calls is a very big menace recently. On an average I recieve at least 2 calls on  from HDFC  Bank and at least 2 calls from TATA AIG per day. I am not sure if these are bringing any business to these companies but certainly getting bad name to the company.
There are others too in this crap. Barclays bank Personal loans, Citi Bank, and Bharati AXA, and more insurance companies. Normally I would ask the sweet voiced female(yes Mostly it is females – I have nothing against females, May be these companies use them in case the person called gets cool not to be harsh.)
Here is how i handle these calls, though a lot depends upon my mood at that times. Though i pity the person calling, but there is limit to patience.
1. some people are really good. They would introduce themselves and ask if it is time to speak on the subject. A polite NO would be enough for these people. They just apologize and drop the call.
2. There are others who keep insisting on when is the free time. to them, I would say some time in the evening and they normally dont call back. Even if they call a polite NO would be enough.
3. Some times enquire about the source of the number and say i would complain. they drop even though they are aware that i cant do any thing.
4. I ask for a mail with the details of the offer. The normal reply would be we are not authorized to send mails. If insisted, the call is dropped.
5.  The other just starts off on the go. I have a specific answer “ I am looking for a personnel loan of some absurd  amount say 200 Crores for 2 Pc pa and for 75 years. They will understand the intent and drop the call. The call is dropped immediately 
6. If I have time, I will inquire more about it and fix an appointment with the executive. call him all the way 20 KM from a distance and say NO at that time.
I know i am being bad on the poor caller or their executive but this is the price they pay for disturbing my privacy. 
However the best thing is to register for NDNC. However this does not work. For this you need to send a message “START DND” to 1909. Your message is acknowledged and the calls may stop after 45 days. If it is a land line, call 1909 and you will get IVR to reister yourself.
You still get the marketing calls. the worst is that if you call the service provider, they will ask for 45 days from the date of you complaint for these calls to stop. This is convenient enough for you to f0rget and get used to this menace.

Originally posted 2011-03-28 16:35:00.