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Helmet-Life-saver-road-safetyIs helmet life saver ?

Yes. It is. Most of us two wheeler riders take a helmet as a burden on head. We ware it because, if it is not worn we will be challened. Do we take a helmet as a safety Device? Think, we need to take it not as mandatory item on head as per law, but should take it as a safety device.

A small story here.

We two people were travelling on a Bike today on a tempting highway. Both of us were wearing helmets( Thanks to Air Force what made it a habit to us).Tempting I say because There was very little traffic on a 6 lane highway. We were cruising at top speed and suddenly the bike started to shake violently. I was driving the bike and quickly realized it to be lost tyre pressure. I cannot apply brake immediately. If I brake at that speed, I was sure we’ll be thrown off from the Bike. I applied brake and released and did repeat this till the time I was in control . Suddenly The handle turned and we two were on the road fallen. The first thing to kiss the road was head, and the impact could be felt inside the helmet. Had the case been ther is no helmet, It would have been fatal. As the speed is reduced we had only minor scratches at 5 places( both of us together).

I was lucky I was wearing a helmet. I do not dare thinking If I had not worn a helmet

From the above what I wanted to tell is this.

Wear a helmet for your safety than to avoid challan.

Accidents can happen for reasons beyond our control

In case of a problem Just don’t panic and try recovering from the situation.

Do not over speed.

Highways are always tempting. Control yourself and set your own speed limit.

Two Wheelers are most vulnerable when it comes to Road Safety

Originally posted 2009-02-27 04:51:00.