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Uttareni Tailam is one of the most used and Very good medicine for reducing the belly fat. Its wonders are visible only on external application. Uttareni is most commonly available plant and having huge health benifits. Its really a wonder plant

  1. Its roots and stems are cleaned and used as tooth brushes. It will clear all mouth problems
  2. Its powder(total plant or just leaves) made paste with water applied to pimples , burnt scars or even to hair for better results
  3. Its leaves powder is boild along with gingelly oil and filtered. this oil is to be massaged warm wherever you have excess fat in body.
  4. Making paste of its roots and applying to roots of grey hair will slowly make them black
  5. It is useful in burns and frequent,painless,watery involuntary stool
  6. It is effective even in Cases of Anemia.

How to Make Uttareni Tailam

Health Benifits of Uttareni Tailam 1


Collect about 3 Kgs of Uttareni Leaves

Crush them and get about 1 Liter of Juice from the leaves.

Add 1 litre of good quality sesame oil (nuvvula noone) and boil on SIM flame till the juice absorbs into oil.

Cool it and store in a glass bottle


How to use Uttareni Tailam

Apply the Uttareni Tailam on the Belly Area twice in a day

Leave it for about 45 Min to one hour.

You can wash the area after that (Will not be needed )

Uttareni oil penetrates into the flesh and burns the excess fat and also relieves from all the skin problems.

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