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Ingredients Required:

Any green leaf of vegetable: 5 bundles

thuvar dhal: 1 cup

raw ginger: 1 inch

green chilli: 5 nos

tamarind: a little

garlic: 2 pieces

grated coconut: a little

mustard: 1 spoon

oil: a little

salt: as per your taste

curry leaf: 4 strings


Method of Preparation:

clean the green leaf (separate the greens from the stalk) and put it in salt water and wash well. filter all the water and cut the same into small pieces. first boil the dhal and put it in a vessel sand bake it. grind raw ginger, green chilli, garlic in a mixe. put all this into the vessel containing green leaf. add baked dhal and salt and boil the same. season it.

Originally posted 2011-06-13 07:42:00.