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Ingredients Required:

green leaf: 2 bundles

fenugreek leaf: 2 bundles

pudeena: 2 bundles

amarkanthi leaf: 2 bundles

beaten bengal gram: 2 spoons

beaten black gram: 2 spoons

mustard: 1 spoons

onion: 4 nos.

pungent powder: 2 spoons

salt: according to your taste.

Method of Preparation:

wash all the greens in water nicely and drain the water. separate the leaves from their stalks, and cut the same. bake all these leaves in a vessel.grind the baked greens in a grinding stone.

pour some oil in a frying pan and keep it on stove. after the oil is heated well add mustard and when mustard bursts, add beaten black gram, pieces of onions, beaten bengal gram and fry the same. then add the grinded lives to the same and also add one spoon of pungent powder and add salt according to your taste. then mix everything weld with a spetula and keep the frying pan down.

Originally posted 2011-06-19 07:24:00.