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Of late there is a debate going on between net neutrality and the free basics. There are activists fighting the big giant who is trying to push its own agenda. DO NOT GET INTO THE TRAP AND SIGN THE PETITION WITHOUT KNOWING THE CONSEQUENCES. IN FACT TRAI SHOULD BAN THE KIND OF CAMPAIGN GOING ON AND THE BRAIN WASH HAPPENING AROUND.
They are claiming numbers in millions. What is the percentage of Indians supporting this? They claim it to be working in 36 countries. what is the percentage of world population in to this.Face Book is concerned about people who are really not able to afford. so, the best approach would be to pay for them to access what they need that what face book gives. Instead they are spending a lot on these advertisements.
This kind of adventure did not work in US, EU or china. All that it is working is in the third world countries.

First things first- let us discuss the Basics part of it.
I am 200 % sure that what is being offered is just trying to get monopoly on the Indians. If Facebook is somuch concerned about the availability of basic internet services to those who cannot afford, they can directly fund the services such as the basic awareness of the facilities provided by the government. In fact Social networking can never be termed as “basic”. It is luxury. If some one who cannot afford to access information need the below as BASIC

  1. Awareness on Health Programs
  2. Awareness on the subsidies
  3. Awareness on entitlements
  4. Awareness on Nutrition
  5. Awareness on charity programs
Now So called BASICs offered by the Giant is
  1. Social Networking
  2. Chatting to waste time
  3. Jokes
  4. Selfies
  5. Political Campaigns
Coming to the part of “FREE”. Facebook claims that they are neither paying the Service provider or they are not advertising. But there is a huge amount of content they will get. They also claim that they dont advertise “AT THIS POINT”.  Yes first you need to get popular than google before you start earning. Someone has named very good as “Glass Wall”.
 By doing so, we may not see the flipkart, google, paytm etc. We need to pay for them or the ISP blocks them. However you can see new businesses. FB cart, FBoogle etc.
Please understand the consequences before you actually click “I Agree” Button.
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