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This is a story I found in the Sunday Edition of Eenadu( A Telugu Daily). I am thinking to contribute to this noble cause.
Mr Onkarnath Sharma, a blood bank technician by profession is the source for many daily wage workers in and around Delhi.He was actually inspired by an accident in Delhi. He saw these workers who were attended by doctors of a NGO and gave them some prescriptions. However, the treatment did not take place as the victims could not buy the medicines.

His Operation is Simple. Every Day he goes out and asks the household for those left over medicines which are of no more use. he clearly explains that this will help the poor.
Most of the residents liked this initiative and started supporting Him. He gets these collected medicines to home and sorts them out so that the expired ones and the ones with illegible labels. The leftovers are then handed over to NGOs, Gurudwaras, and temples for distribution to the poor. He also takes a receipt from these organizations. If some one is approaching him directly, he  would give these medicines directly.
This is spread to places and he gets these medicine by Courrier now. He also started a social service organization called “Rahat Hi Rahat” to reach out more people.
His message shall be spread to places.
If you want to support him, you may send the leftover medicines to him.
His address is Shri Onkarnath Sharma, B-180, Gully No-4(Mandvali Gully), Mangalapuri, New Delhi-110045.

He can be contacted on 09250243298.
Please support this noble cause. You can send the medicines to him. Or you may start a similar initiative at your place.
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Originally posted 2012-01-09 03:17:00.