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This is one example of bad customer service from Airtel. The narration below is my own example and really bad experience i faced,
I use a post paid connection from Airtel. Recently I lost my phone and sim card along with that. Naturally I called up customer service and requested them to block the out going calls which they promptly did that.
My troubles started here. Please remember this story happened in Bangalore, Not in any rural Area.  I approached the nearest Airtel outlet ( RT Nagar) to get a replacement card. The Simacard is not available, there and i was advised to wait for one week. After a week, I went back and asked. No sim card( they did not even say when is this likely to come). Then I approached another outlet, this time in yelahanka. Again No simcard.  Next is at Yelahanka New town. No Simcard. Here the people are not even polite when they talk. Finally I have to visit another store in Vidyaranyapura to get a new simcard.
I had to visit all the places beacuse this will be in my intrest to get a replacement. The service provider keeps charging me the rent as usual even if they could not give me a replacement card.
Some questions here. Cant the largest service provider arrange a replacement card at one location which the customer is approaching.

Originally posted 2009-05-11 05:02:00.