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Recently there are various methods adopted in India for saving energy. There is a thrust on energy conservation through energy Conservation act 2001. There are some energy intensive industries which are identified by the act as Designated Consumers(DC).
Who are the Designated Consumers (DCs) under the act
List of Energy Intensive Industries and other establishments specified as designated consumers under the ec act 2001
1. Aluminum;  2. Fertilizers; 3. Iron and Steel; 4. Cement; 5. Pulp and paper; 6. Chlor Akali; 7. Sugar; 8. Textile; 9. Chemicals; 10. Railways; 11. Port Trust; 12. Transport Sector (industries and services); 13. Petrochemicals, Gas Crackers, Naphtha Crackers and Petroleum Refineries; 14. Thermal Power Stations, hydel power stations, electricity transmission companies and distribution companies; 15. Commercial buildings or establishments;
The DC has to designate or appoint a person possessing a minimum qualification as notified in the act. If you see the list, virtually all major industries are covered. this means that there is enough scope for this position. since this is mandatory position, every company will be looking for one. This act emphasizes on saving and having an energy manager actually help the company to increase profits by saving.
Role of Energy Manager
The energy manager occupies an important position and is focal point of all the activities pertaining to energy Management in the organization. He will have certain mandatory duties & responsibilities that will be prescribed in the Regulation to the Act. The energy manager is expected to develop an energy Management Action Plan for the industrial unit and can play key role in the formulation of corporate energy policy. The energy manager has also to furnish information relating to energy consumption of the industrial unit to the BEE and state level designated agency as required under the Act. The energy manager has to also implement the recommendation of the Accredited energy auditor.
In additions to the statutory roles, the energy manager can be instrumental in improving the energy efficiency of the company, preparation and implementation of the Energy Management Systems,  Energy Monitoring etc.
In addition to the DCs listed above, the position will be available in Energy Management Consultancy firms, Energy Management Companies
With some additional Qualifications, the Energy Manager can become energy auditor which increases the scope.
The Qualifications required for this position is the the candidate is to be a Certified Energy Manager or Certified Energy Auditor, which are accredited by the State.
Since this is at the initial stage, there is wide scope for the person who gets this accreditation.

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