Ending of Anna’s Fast- What does the Government know

The Government of India is trying to persuade Anna to end his fast from a position of weakness.  When the fast is entered into the 10th Day, It will be better for the government to understand the position they are in.
They are looking into a pressure cooker without safety valve.

Salman Khurshid Says that his office is open for the team Anna. It is better for him to understand better keep open or else?
the precarious condition Anna is Made himself. “Shukar Karo”- Anna Shanti Bolta Hai” It is the government which is isn bad shape.
Pranab Mukherjee – Try not to say words which you can claim that they are distorted. Better to talk straight.

They say that there is parliamentary process which need to be followed. What are they doing for the last three months since the first agreement between Anna and them.

It was made very clear from the beginning by team Anna that the Government can take time and draft a proper bill. Even they tried to guide the government in drafting the Bill.
First You say we will draft a bill and table in Parliament.
You deny all the suggestions from everyone.
You prepare what you want to water down the issue.
You accept it is Flawed.
When people ask you ti withdraw the bill, You say parliament process.

This is Not Acceptable