Electricity Shortage in Telangana

Currently there is a big failure on the part of Government of Telangana in supplying Electricity. The Government is trying to put the blame on every one else except the TRS and its Governance. There are more than 400 farmers who have committed suicide in the state after the formation of the state. Indiscriminate use of water from the Srisailam will be actually is counter productive. Also By blaming or using Bad words on Chandra babu Naidu will neither give power not solve any other problems.

The Chief Minister is not ready to accept the figures. This seems to be part of a larger issue, which might be to avoid the compensation to be paid to the families. TRS while saying that they are a farmer friendly party is working against the interests of the Farmers.

Electricity cannot be be produced overnight. There can be solutions which can help mitigate the problem.

Basic solutions are ignored. Here is a solution which can help tide over the current crisis currently being faced by the Telangana State. Money is not a problem as there is enough money generated by Hyderabad.

  1. Ensure all Government buildings run on Solar Power. The lead time can be as low as 2 weeks if worked well
  2. Ensure all buildings use Solar Power panels installed across the state. The tax incentives can be provided for them. Also Make the Electricity Costly for those who do not install the Solar Equipment.
  3. Ensure the Luxuries such as Air-conditioning is not used at least in the Government Buildings
  4. Distribute the LED lights which will reduce the consumption.
  5. Replace the street lighting in Hyderabad with LED.
  6. Immediately allow the generation using diesel pump sets across.
  7. Subsidize the Diesel pump sets for the Farmers. This will remove the demand from the grid.
  8. Reduce the taxes on Diesel for the farmers. The State Government Earns a lot on diesel as taxes.
  9. Tap the un allocated power from the central pool.
  10. Take the 300 MW supply offered by the AP government.
  11. Make sure 100% metering is done at all levels.
  12. Work on the Pilferage and punish those involved
  13. Calculate the efficiencies by monitoring the Transmission and distribution losses
  14. Get the ideas by crowd sourcing. There can be some astounding simple solutions given by common man.

These are some simple steps and can reduce the problems. Instead of these, the TRS at all levels is working on getting the political Mileage from the power crisis.  it is the problem of Telangana state and Its government. Using Foul language will not only solve the problem but aggravate it.

Name calling etc will not work. it is as good as hey sai***N give me Power. Hey De***m give me power. Hey Ba******d give me power. If you are asking for the support in whatever way there is a method to that.

Hope the Power woes of TG state will be solved son and the government acts with some sense.