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Are you drawing your pension from State Bank of India, then this good news applies to you. This is one of the news that helps lakhs of pensioners drawing their pension from SBI. considering this, the bank should have given this a very wide publicity and save tons of postage charges. It is common for the pensioners to stay away from the home branch due to various reasons.
Till last year only the private banks used to accept the life certificates from any branch. Government banks such as SBI did not offer this facility to its senior citizen customers. They had to get the Life Certificate signed by the local branch manager and send it to the home branch by post. Obviously, the transnational time delays and failures such as not receiving and receiving late etc needed some additional time to sort out.
Some one mentioned that SBI is also offering the facility, I started searching on the internet. only one article from Hindu is found, but the information was not clear.
I have finally visited my local branch of SBI and there is a surprise in store.
There is a dedicated counter working efficiently for receiving the Life Certificates. Initially, the clerk at the counter has suggested that i am late and hence meet the officer and get the certificate signed and send it to my home branch by post. I have visited the concerned officer and requested that my life certificate be signed off. Surprisingly the Officer Herself suggested that  I can deposit to the counter for accepting the life certificates. Very courteous (Not like the Govt banks in General) and helpful. I said that the same clerk has suggested to be sent to the home branch by mail. She immediately called from her desk and told the clerk to accept my Life certificate. I went back to the clerk, he accepted mumbling “madam tho bol dethein hai. record kaun rakhega”. Now I found the reason for the clerk to tell me to use the Post method.
And the last word of caution. make sure that you receive a copy or at least an entry of submission is made in the register. this will be the proof in case the staff tries to do funny things.
Earlier I had a general feeling that SBI is not customer friendly. Measures such as these would certainly help the image of the bank. Three Cheers to the Officer who actually did this happen.
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