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Switch off your lights on Earth Day at 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. . Last Saturday of March is observed as Earth Day
This campaign is a great starting to save the earth and its environment. This camopaign needs more support from the press, governments, NGOs, and More importantly individuals. Today i was just browsing the internet and came to know about it.
Think, what are we giving our children? Masks, Oxygen equipement, lead suits. these things are going to be essential to thier survival. We must switch off the lights not only this hour but whenever it is not needed.
More than 1000 cities worldwide are participating in this campaign. Please dont think ” what can i do as a single individual.” drops together make an ocean. Let us all contribute to this greatest initiative ever taken.

Now you can think how am i going to spend this one hour without lights.
Here are some things you can do.

Just see the beauty of darkness. Switch off your lights inside the room, Just spend your time in the park next street along with your friends. look at the Stars in the sky, This can be a great moment which you are missing for years.

I did the same and spent some time in the outside. I was explaining my sone about the “dhruva tara” “Arundhati” “Saptharshi mandalam”( these are indian names of some stars/star groups). These things are very inmportant in indian life. Just you can familiarise your future genaration with these teachings.
donot bother if you dont know what these thing s are. You can discuss some thing about the celestial things. Also take some pictures of the darkness and upload them to

Originally posted 2009-03-28 15:24:00.