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India’s cabinet gives  a tax break of Rs. 45 cr for the ICC. There are many questions on this murky episode.
What is the logic behind the tax break given?. Is the ICC so poor that it cannot pay the tax on its earnings of 1000 cr
Does it not amount to conflict of interest when the president of ICC on the cabinet committee that decided on this charity?
Is ICC a charity organization or a commercial organization?. ICC bans Indian media for a possible infringement of “commercial Interests”. Does it qualify this organization as a charity organization.
ICC which is based in Dubai, does not pay any taxes. where does this money go.
what is the benefit to India , or Indian cricketing fan  by this charity form the taxpayers money?
By this decision the government of India has put a burden of one rupee for every 3 Indian common men.
Remember that ICC generates 80% of its income from India. this world cup gives them 1000 Cr as revenue and every single rupee of this is given by Indians.
Will the government accept if similar request comes form its National Game Hockey within India?
one dirty question. is there any personal interest of any Indian politician involved in this? If Not why is this blatant misuse of public money?
How is the government going to defend if there is PIL on this. Does this charity by the government of India stand the scrutiny of the law of the land.
It is widely reported that there is opposition to this proposal within the cabinet but this is sidelined? who is responsible for such a strong case for ICC in the cabinet?
There are only questions but no answers. This is how the governance India goes. The government has not time to discuss food security in India but has enough time to give tax break to ICC.
Any way My heart full support to India in this world cup Final.
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Originally posted 2011-04-01 16:15:00.