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Ingredients:Green gram dhal-1 cup
Black gram dhal-1 cup
Bengal gram dhal-1 cup
Rice- 1 cup
Green chilies-6
Salt to taste
Fresh coconut- little
Turmeric – 1 tea spoon
Oil-2 table spoon
soda powder- a pinch


Soak all the dhals and rice 3 to 4 hours and grind batter finally allow to for ment over the night.Next day mix turmeric soda powder ,salt and green chili paste to the batter and pour it to the dhokla palate in dhokla stand ,if you don’t have dhokla stand take a plate with high edge grease oil to it and pour to half level in the plate and sprinkle coriander leaves ,coconut and little red chili powder over the batter all sides and steam in the cocker like idly for minutes to and remove cut into cubes prepare seasonings in a handle and mix all the dholka pieces and serve hot with coconut chutney or red chili chutney.