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Nenu Saitam–contribute to Development of Andhra Pradesh from USA 1
Andhra Pradeh

Finally few people with vested interests have succeeded and divided the Telugu people. There is some acrimony between these states now and suddenly one of the part is languishing with all the problems in the world. The State of Andhra Pradesh is without a capital and left with high debt. The previous government has not considered the equality between arbitrarily divided without any reasonable logic. The State of Andhra Pradesh is left with more population and less income, where as the state of Telangana if given Lions share in the income and assets. Its common sense to divide assets and liabilities using a common formula. But the Congress Government has divided the assets on the ratio of usage and liabilities using the ratio of population. This has left the state of Andhra Pradesh much poorer than the state of Telangana
The People of Andhra Pradesh who were instrumental in the development of Hyderabad do not own the city any more. Worse still is that they have to share this city as capital with the Telangana State. This effectively means that they keep paying the taxes in the other state. Ridiculous it may sound but true. Such is the situation, the Reorganization even does not specify a location for the state of Andhra Pradesh.
With this condition, the top priority for the new Andhra Pradesh State is to build a Capital to ensure proper Development of Andhra Pradesh. Building a capital city is a costly affair in the current situation. A very conservative estimate of the cost is about Rs. 100,000 Cr ($ 16,756Mn).
Looking at the huge amount involved the CM of Andhra Pradesh has invited donations for Development of Andhra Pradesh. A very special initiative also came from the Telugu Association of North America (TANA). This is a great initiative from the People of NA, to give something back to their roots. The decision to set up Andhra Pradesh Capital Development Fund was taken by TANA Executive Committee at the request of several TANA members who wanted to take a constructive role in the Development of Andhra Pradesh. This initiative came from the members who wanted actively to participate in the development of their motherland. President of TANA, Mohan Nannapaneni has announced that they will closely interact with the state government to identify the projects and contribute.
TANA being a registered nonprofit organization, the donations are tax-deductible in US.
To contribute to the development of Andhra Pradesh fund go to the
website of TANA and the Donation link.TANA is the oldest and biggest Indo-American organization in North America. TANA was founded at a convention in New York in 1977 of Telugus from all over North America and was incorporated in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization. This is recognized as a 501(c)(3) certified non profit organization in the USA.
TANA Foundation, the charitable arm of TANA, spends millions of dollars each year in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, home to Telugu people, in pursuit of useful and essential projects in literacy, education, sanitation, disease prevention, health promotion and rehabilitation. TANA Foundation’s Project Envision is well known for the help it provided in restoring eye sight to thousands of rural people. In 2005 and 2009, TANA helped build colonies of homes for people devastated by tsunamis and floods. TANA has founded and maintains a rehabilitation home for street children in Vijayawada. The many projects sponsored by TANA Foundation include building of libraries, schools, temples, roads and protected water supply systems.
Please spread this message. Request your comment if you have contributed. This will motivate others as well. I will post the other possibilities of donation as well.

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