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Curry leaf is normally good for the body. it reduces the paunch. normally if there is place In place in front of the house or at the backyard of the house curry leaf plant is grown. we may also prepare curry leaf chutney powder. This is most common ingredient in Telugu food. it has many medicinal  properties
This is also called as Karivepaku (Telugu) Kadime soppu ( Kannada) Kadi Patta (Hindi).
Ingredients Required:
Curry leaf: 1 bundle
Beaten Bengal gram: 1 tea spoon
Beaten black gram: 1 tea spoon
Tuvar Dal: 1 tea spoon
Coconut: 1/2
Copra: a cup
Red chili: 10 nos.
Salt: according to your taste
Tamarind: a lemon size

Method of Preparation:
First wash the curry leafs and dry in normal temperature. Keep the curry leaf, beaten black gram, beaten bennal gram, tuvar Dal in a frying pan with some oil copra, salt and tamarind and grind them in a grinding stone. after grinding the same season this with mustard in oil and mix well.