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Ingredients Required:

a big cucumber: 1

thuvar dhal: 1 cup

sambar powder: 3 spoons

tamarind: a marble size

beaten bengal gram: 3 spoons

coriander seeds: 3 spoons

fenugreek seeds: 3 spoons

copra: a little

red chilli: 5 nos

mustard: 1 spoon

oil: for seasoning

salt: according your taste

Method of Preparation:

first peel off the husk and cut it into pieces (not too small). afterwards bake the dhal and cucumber pieces. put some oil in a pan. fry coriander seed, fenugreek seeds and Bengal gram dhal till it becomes red. add dry chilli and fry.

grind copra and cinnamon. put the baked cucumber and dhal and add sambar powder and boil the same. then, squeeze tamarind and add salt and add all the masala mixing well and boil the same. put the leaf, mustard in a pan of little oil and season the same and pour into the vessel of sambar.

Originally posted 2011-06-15 05:27:00.