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The arrival of a new member to any family is most enjoyed moment. While the rituals in general apart, there are many new dilemmas come in. One of them is to choose the name for the new born. In the Indian Family, the arrival of a new born baby girl is treated as arrival of Mahalakshmi (Goddess of Wealth). Choosing a name for this Mahalakshmi is sometimes time taking. we need to build consensus among many people in the household. Right from Parents, Grand Parents, and the older siblings in the family. While some would be moms and dads do select their choice in advance so that enough research is gone in. However, the last minute the family Purohit comes in says, the baby is born in this Nakshatra, hence, the name should contain this kind of name. 
In this cases many parents look for possible names. We have compiled a list of names for a Baby Girl in the alphabetical order and placed here. This will aid you in a general to choose a good name for you new born baby. This will also guide you to select a name for your baby to suit the starting letter as per Astrology. The list also has the meaning for the names listed. Hope that this will help you in selecting the best name for your new born. Best wishes to all the new born.

You can download this document from Here.