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Ingredients :
wheat flour-1/2kg
salt-1table spoon
oil-4table spoon
Roasted gram powder-2table spoon
oil-for frying
Rice flour-for kneading
Method:Mix wheat flour,salt,oil,and knead the atta and keep closed for 2 hours.Make small balls out of the dough and roll them lightly apply roasted gram powder and oil paste in the small rolled out piece close it in triangular shape and roll out in to round shaped chapati’s using rolling bin sprinkling rice flour for kneading and fry on the chapatti tawa or dosa pan pouring little oil over it .Serve hot chapati’s with any curry or gravy.
            Variation:To the same dough use red chilli powder or green chilli paste ,cumin seeds powder ,curry and coriander leaves mix while mixing up the dough .Serve these  chapatti with curds .With the dough roll out chapatti’s and fry on chapatti tawa.
              Out of 1/2kg atta you can prepare 12-14 chapatti.
               While mixing up chapatti dough you can use butter milk or little milk to turn the chapatti’s soft.

chapatti 1

Originally posted 2012-08-03 12:24:00.