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Please sign the online petition to change the name of the so called super bug.

The naming of this super bug on New Delhi, the Indian capital is a new kind of attack on Indian growth story.

The Bug is not only in India but entire south Asia and also found in some western countries. Even Wikipedia article on NDM suggests that this is originated from India.
The strange part is that the statistics about all those patients who are affected are tracked only if they visited India.
If it a fair study, it would be all his tourism visits and an unbiased report will be in the interest of medical fraternity.

You can look at this biased article here

the funniest issue which is brought is that the Belgian patient who died of this bug, did not seem to visit India or at least they ignored this in the reports.

it is time we Indians collectively rise to the occasion and ensure that the mud being thrown on India is stopped.

Spread this message to various sections of the society and see that the bad name to India is stopped.

Originally posted 2011-09-01 05:08:00.