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Chain Mails or Chain Posts – This has really become a headache now a days. People are spamming because you are just keeping quiet.
Recently I started getting some mails which includes a picture, of lets’ say “Saibaba” Or Kolhapur Mahalakshmi. The content will be same in all these mails. They say that you send to 30 people. If you send you will get lots and lots of good things.
But If you don’t send then you are going to lose.
The problem here is that you are not left with a choice. If you send it you are participating in spam. If you don’t send you are taking chance with god.
One thing I do if the mail threatens that I will suffer if I break chain, Then I send the same to the sender to find as many times as said in the mail. If I get a mail to send to 30 people, I send it back to the same gentleman and inform him he is getting it 30 times, so find 900 people. I am not breaking the chain and I am penalizing the person who sent it o me.  Am I right on this?
Gods are very powerful. They can give you what you want if they are happy  and they can take away whatever you have if they get angry. My question here is Does the gods get angry if you don’t invade the privacy of someone else?
I am adding one such photograph of Kolhapur Mahalakshmi.
This is a very powerful money goddess. The content of this mail is that if you send this picture to 30 people, you will get money very shortly. If you believe this please send this to 30 people. strangely this mail does not threaten that you will lose money if you don’t send. Thanks to goddess Mahalakshmi
It really worked in Facebook. Nowadays i am not getting these spam mails.

Originally posted 2009-03-18 09:49:00.