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The Categories of Jobless in In india are broadly four to five types. If we are looking at completely unemployed, they are very few.

Recently I came across a friend, Who is working for an MNC. The company Extremely reputed. However the Conditions not that good out there. The employees are not getting paid for more than two months now. My friend says he is managing from his savings for now. Future? Unknown.
I am trying to help this person and circulated his resume to some of my friends.
This raises a bigger doubt over the current status of the job market. It is really scary. Now that we have to add these people to those jobless.
We should classify the the employment competition in atleast four categories

  1. fresher– Just out of college with lot of hopes that the world in their fist.
  2. Employed but looking- (Sounds like maried but looking). These are people having a job but still want more. They are secure but this is a significant segment.
  3. Underemployed– They always are in this market. They enter a job but still look for betterment. These are earlier victims of circumstances when they urgently need a job and accept what ever they had still remain in job market.
  4. unemployed These are people who are the victims of down(right) sizing. They have experience in some field but they could not control the happenings.
  5. Employed but not paid. — These people have a job. but we cannot call it a job, as the job does not fit the basic requirement of a job i.e earning. They are hopefuls that their company will some day turn around and they will be get paid. This hope will be there till they get a new job.

Originally posted 2009-03-11 10:51:00.