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Wondering about Cash Back from online shopping – is it possible. Yes it is really possible and you can try yourself. Recently I came across an excellent offer from Cashkaro. This is linked to more than 500 online shopping sites and Provide you cash back for your purchases. This is really easy to use as well. You need not provide your account details to Cashkaro. Simple but very effective solution for getting things cheaper. The cash back depends upon the online shopping site and the item you are purchasing. The sites partnered by cashkaro are the most popular ones like flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, shop clues etc. All you need to do is shortlist the item you want to purchase from any website and instead of buying directly from there, visit the site again from cashkaro link. There are additional benefits also like coupon codes and Referrals.

Here is how it works. Its very simple procedure. The best part is you need not do anything additional apart from visiting the site from cashkaro account.

Join Cashkaro and browse the website you are looking at.

Click on the link to the online shopping website of your choice.

Shop from the website as you normally do.

Since you have visited the site from the link provided by cashkaro, your transaction gets tracked automatically. With in 72 hours of your shopping, the cash back is credited to your account. Once the retailer pays cashkaro, the payment will be confirmed.

When you reach Rs.250/ you can request payment from Cashkaro and the amount will be credited to your account for free.

Additional Benefits1

Cashkaro lists all the coupons from the website and you can get huge discounts using the coupons. Again a simple process of applying the coupon listed on the Cashkaro website at the time of check out. This benefit is immediate and you actually pay at the discounted price. To see the coupons, visit cashkaro website.

Additional Benefits 2

When you refer your friends to cashkaro, you will get a referral amount equal to 10% of the cash back received by your friends. This is really a good benefit for referring people. This is actually you get pad for helping your friend. Is it not great.

If you would like to know more, please join Cashkaro here.

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