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Ingredients Required:

capsicum: 1/2 kg

bengal gram flour: 100 gms

pungent powder: 1 spoon

cumin seeds: 2 spoons

coconut: 1/4

oil: 4 spoons

mustard: 1 spoon

salt: suitably

Method of Preparation:

remove the seeds which are inside the capsicum and cut it into small pieces. mix cumin powder, grated coconut, pungent powder to bengal gram flour. add some oil and water and mix it in a solid form. season the same with mustard. after mustard bursts, put the mixture into the frying pan. add pieces of chillies and salt and fry it nicely. (prior to adding chillies half boil the same) after frying it well, keep it down.

Originally posted 2011-06-19 06:42:00.