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Baba Ramdev has been evicted from the Ramlila Maidan to break his Fast. The manner in which the government  reminds the Italian Fascist techniques ( The government is run by a person with Italian roots in proxy). The People at the place are also taken out forcefully. they are not even allowed to collect their belongings. Remember, these people have come to this place from all over the country to participate in this peaceful process.
Even Ladies were not spared of the brutal lathi charge. They say even the clothes were torn. Children are also not spared.
The way the whole episode is handled by the government is really questionable. Teargas Shells in the closed place is to be questioned. The entire civil society must condemn this act.
Are we in a democratic country? the very basis of the democracy in the country is questioned.

First the government tried to malign the character of Baba. This did not work.
Then they tried to cheat by false promises. he was stern that he wants a written confirmation
Next they tried to portray baba as communal. There is no denying that he is a Hindu. And being Hindu is always treated as communal in this country. But the issue raised by Baba are not Communal.

And now, this.
Is it not highhandedness. Does the law of land permit this. Is this civilized way of handling the issue.

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Originally posted 2011-05-06 05:18:00.