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The politicians of India are labeling Anna Hazare’s Fast as blackmailing. This is the most absurd comment on the noble cause taken up by Anna.

Though it is common that the effected parities accuse, this is going to new level. This is a classic test case for the patience level of common man of India. No one comes to his rescue if his ration card is held by some babu without any reason. Corruption has affected the psyche of the aam Admi. There is no place where corruption is not present. the peon at the school, the Babu at the local body office, the Registrar at work, the IAS at the ministry, the Politician and so on. Every place is filled with these people. (There are some exceptions for this. These are countable. and this is the most harassed lot, more than the common man. Hats off to them to maintain their integrity in tough conditions).

The new argument from eminent professor is that spare the bribe giver in cases for small bribes. He has a valid point in saying so.

Under the current system, Both the bribe taker and the bribe giver are equally punishable. This system helps corruption grow, because both the parties keep quite after the transaction is done.

Corruption can be of two types.

1. A person pays bribe for some undue favours (Breaking the rule, completion of job without meeting the requirements)


2. Just to avoid running around for 20 times to the babu or even avoiding some undue delay even after meeting all the requirements within the rules.

The bribe giver is to be made equal partner in the crime for the first case. He is more guilty than the person taking bribe.

In the second case, the bribe taker is the sole culprit. The bribe giver is not at fault here. He is the victim. he should be encouraged to open his mouth.

Professor Basu’s theory comes help in case of the second instance above. If the bribe giver is ready to expose the bribe taker, without the fear of being punished, the system can be cleaned. There are NGOs who are actively involved in this exposure like which is an initiative of NGO Janagraha and had some success. This initiative helps at least the statistics.

Originally posted 2011-01-26 05:12:00.