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On 11th Jan 2011 the incident happened.

Around 5am on Wednesday, a snarling pack of 15 stray dogs dragged the sleeping 18-month-old S Prashanto out of his hut and mauled him to death near Bagalur off the Bangalore International Airport road. By the time his parents and neighbours managed to drive away the dogs, they had eaten away one leg, both palms and an ear. Little Prashanto died in terrible pain.”

The Reaction :
NIL from the the so called Animal ( rights) activists.
The police : Arrested the man and one of the Dog.
BBMP and BDA : we will increase the so called ABC( Animal Birth Control) . “there are more funds to spend”
Imagine how cheep is the human life. This is a big story for 3 days and everything is forgotten.
no one is talking of culling the stray dogs now.
The animal (rights) activists are welcome to protect all the animals in the world but, keep them in their homes.
They have money and time to spend for these funny activities. there will be processions around the streets and they will conduct meetings, have direct access to the top officials get some concessions for the beloved stray animals and go back to the parties.

One question to all these Activists.
Is there any one who was chased by a stray dog in their life and continue to be an activist?

India’s Top most Animal Activist Mrs. Maneka Gandhi must not have seen a stray dog. Whenever she is about to make a speech about the Stray Dogs, Her security wold have taken care that there is no stray dog int he vicinity.
If she needs to pose for press with a so called stray dog, it would have been a selected piece.

I would request that all these animal activists should enjoy the company of these stray dogs in their back yards and feed them regularly.
Further, the vets to refuse to continue the menace and make business  on dangerous animals
let us ensure that their beloved stray dogs are not fed on the children of poor people and innocent  passers by.

At least 90% of the two wheelers riders are chased by a stray dog some time.
It is time for us to take things seriously and end the menace of these animal and their activists to save human lives.

Originally posted 2011-01-14 04:03:00.