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This is also called as Poornalu in some parts of Andhra Pradesh. I am writing now while my mom is dictating this the preparation of the typical East Godavari Style.
This is very very tasty sweet and must for all most all festivals in my home. I will wait till the end and wait for the plain boorelu with out sweet.

Ingredients : 
1. Pesara Pappu (Green Gram Dal/Moong Dal) – 1 Cup
2. Sugar – 1 1/2 Cup
3. Rice – 2 Cups
4. Minapa Pappu – (Black Gram Dal/Urd Dal) – 1 Cup
5. Coconut Scraped(Pachi Kobbari Koru) – 1/2 Cup
6. Oil – for Deep Fry (Make sure you select the right oil for this, else this dish will be failed – Best is Refined Oil)
7. Salt – Two Pinches
8. Elaichi (Cardamom) Powder – 1 Table Sppon

Method of Preparation :
1. Soak the Urd Dal and rice Mixed in water for about 5-8 Hours  and Grind thoroughly (shall be like Idly Dough- Add as little water as possible) and keep it separate.(Add Salt to taste)
2. Soak the Moong Dal in water about 2 hours Separately and grind it.
3. Cook the  Moong ‘dal Dough on steam (Prepare like Idli) and let it cool
4. Make this boiled Moong dal lumps into powder by using Mixie.
5. Take it out from the mixie and add Sugar and Elaichi Powder ( if this is mixed in the mixie, it will become a paste)
6. Make small balls of this mixer and keep it aside.
7. Now Take a deep pan and heat the oil.
8. Keep the Urd Dal Dough(Topu) and the balls made in two separate vessels.
9. Dip the balls of the moong dal mixer in the Urd Dal Dough (Like Bonda) and deep fry.

The Yummy Poli Poornam Boorelu are ready to serve.

Originally posted 2012-01-10 13:18:00.

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